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Dryer problem? It's not the dryer, it's the vent, in order to work efficiently, dryers need to breathe.

Dryer vent cleaning service Chandler, Az.

Does your clothes dryer vent needs a cleaning? Clothes aren’t drying in one cycle or longer than they used to take ? Lint is combustible, and when dryers can't expel hot hair inefficiency, dryer damage, and fire are the result. Most dryer damage and fires could be prevented with proper vent maintenance. ​Dryer vent cleaning in Chandler Arizona, and surrounded cities like Mesa, Gilbert, Sun Lakes, ​Tempe, Guadalupe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, etc.

Improve Efficiency

Dryer vent maintenance is a simple, inexpensive way to help your dryer work efficiently, reduce energy used and last longer. On the outside of the house at the dryer duct, you can't see the steam or heat escaping the vent ? Cloths are coming out of the dryer too hot and wearing quickly ? Time! If it's been more than a year since your last cleaning, it's time to do it again!

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A clothes Dryer uses on average 23 100 watts light bulbs of power. With a proper vent cleaning, you can pay for the clothes dryer vent cleaning in 3 months on energy saved, wear and tear on dryer and knowing their fire hazard is gone!


It is suggested that your clothes dryer vent be cleaned at least once every year. The individuals who utilize their dryers more often might need to have theirs cleaned even a few times each year. Cleaning a dryer vent helps to remove lint and debris that can get caught in the vent. A clogged vent can diminish the productivity of your dryer and possibly lead to a fire. While some stores offer kits for the individuals who need to clean their clothes dryer vents themselves, there are numerous security advantages to hiring an expert to clean your dryer vent. Here are a couple of those advantages:

Helps to Ensure the Entire Dryer Vent is Completely Clean

Dryer vents are not all a similar length. A few homes have extremely short dryer vents- - even as short as five feet. In any case, some homes have long dryer vents that can reach up to 40 feet long.

While cleaning a short dryer vent may appear to be a simple task individually, it is incredibly hard to clean a longer dryer vent by yourself. You just can't venture that far into the vent without the right tools. Furthermore, truly, most home owners don't genuinely know the length of their dryer vents until they're now mid-clean. Along these lines, it's in every case best to leave cleaning to the experts.

We have the Tools to Properly Clean the Dryer Vent.

Another motivation behind why it is helpful to have an expert clean your dryer vent is because our dryer vent cleaning group has the instruments and hardware to appropriately clean the dryer vent.

Most of the kits you can purchase to clean a dryer vent yourself feature brushes. These brushes can bristles that can harm or break fragile or old tubing. Now and then the brushes get stuck.

Proper Cleaning Extends the Lifespan of Your Dryer and Dryer Vent

The last reason you should have an expert clean your dryer vent as opposed of doing it yourself, is because proper cleaning expands both the life expectancy of your dryer and your dryer vent.

While it may cost money to hire an expert to clean these components for you, over the long haul, it broadens the life of your dryer and vent, which can help you with saving cash with future substitutions.

Has it been a year or longer since your dryer vent was last cleaned? Assuming this is the case, presently is the ideal time to plan an arrangement to have yours cleaned. We can assist you with your cleaning dryer vents, in the greater Phoenix region and around cities. Reach us now at 623 326 9215 to plan your appointment! ​Get in touch with US FOR MORE INFORMATION