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​Chandler dryer vent Cleaning Service.

​1. Dryer Vent Cleaning.

2. Dryer Transition Tube Replacement if needed. ( extra charge )

3. Also We do inside dryer cleaning and inspection. ​

4. Attic vent repairs.

During a period of time, dryers accumulate a lot of lint and when this lint gets in contact with the heater element which gets red hot when the dryer is working, it's when lint start burning and fire starts.

What we do for dryer inspection: ​

Remove covers of dryers, on newer models we remove console controls, remove belt of drum, clean lint, inspect all inside for burned wires or damaged parts like drum belt, rollers, pulley that connects motor with the drum. ( some times you heard a squeaking noise when using the dryer, we let you know if you need a new belt or pulley ) At the time of cleaning the vents, let us know if you need dryer cleaning and inspection and we'll do it for $95.00 and up, depends of brand, plus parts if need it ( extra charge ). If you want the inspection later or in another trip, It cost $125.00 plus parts.

We deliver 100 % customer satisfaction and guarantee results. Routine dryer vent maintenance, will prolong the life of your dryer, reduce energy operating costs, dry clothing faster, and reduce the risk of dryer related fires. Most homeowners would be shocked to learn that the most common cause of over 15,000 fires, 20 deaths, and 300 injuries per year is sitting in their laundry room.

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